Grow strategically with Tea Leaves Health

Tea Leaves Health, a Welltok company, combines a deep understanding of healthcare business development with the technical savvy to deliver strategic success for healthcare organizations of any size. Our proprietary  Physicianology™ (PRM) and Patientology™ (CRM) software tools easily transform internal and external data into immediately actionable information for multiple leadership levels.

While working with clients to develop measurable and successful growth initiatives, we strive to provide the best strategic consultation and support in the industry. Tea Leaves Health transforms the way healthcare executives manage their business. Our platform provides the total information awareness and business intelligence needed to achieve strategic growth, effective physician engagement strategies and increased revenue.


Measurement & Analytics

We report on multiple financial metrics (charges, net revenue, contribution margin, EBIDTA) all in the same application. We track all customer “touch points” including web and class registrations, call center and employee lists and countless other data sources.


Unlimited Seat Licenses

Our system allows an unlimited number of departments and individuals access to the data, streamlining efforts across the organization without additional licenses and fees.


Relevant Content & Demographics

Our vast database provides a total understanding of consumer needs, preferences, and behaviors including: demographics, health conditions and lifestyle interests, prescription drug usage and so much more.

Understand and analyze current patients and acquire and retain high-value prospects

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Identify, understand, and engage the physicians who deliver the most value

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