Brewing Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves Health began in January of 2011, when a group of healthcare and technology gurus joined forces to create a successful strategic growth platform that actually worked for clients. They sought out the services of a technology firm based in Roswell, GA, who builds database and software solutions for large retail, financial services, energy and telecommunications companies.

Vanguard Health Systems (now Tenet Health) was our first client in 2011. Vanguard provided a revenue stream that allowed us to grow organically, adding resources and clients. Today, Tea Leaves Health is one of the largest strategic growth vendors and works with over 400 hospitals and health systems.

Where We Shine


Tea Leaves Health combines existing data on patients and physicians with our extensive database and demographic information to provide a complete record of individuals. We integrate organizations’ data for them – including EMR data – regardless of the source or the number of sources. We then perform advanced data hygiene practices and optimize the data by appending it with best-in-class demographic data.


We can map the patient journey starting with targeting the right prospect and engaging them through relevant, personalized content to elicit response. Next, we track anonymous health prospect traffic and show who is coming in for care. Our vast database provides a total understanding of consumer needs, preferences, and behaviors including: demographics, health conditions and lifestyle interests, prescription drug usage and so much more. We have the most all-encompassing, aggregated data about consumers, patients and physicians – providing a complete 360° view of the target audience.


Our Master Person Index and Master Physician Index act as a comprehensive, dynamic and longitudinal record. With the information from the index, users can use the countless tools, maps, surveys and queries within our solution to search, micro-segment, map and analyze the data. Users can also view “Hot Spots” through the GIS and visualize data on market areas where intervention is required to improve outcomes and reduce costs.


Our system also allows teams to easily create personalized digital and print messages – using custom branding and imagery. Our Web2Anything™ feature offers multiple ways to automate communication and engagement with customers – from email and banner ads to social media, direct mail and IVR. We make it easy with a click of a button, delivering immediate action.


All of the data can be analyzed and results can be measured through user-friendly dashboards and interfaces that empower our clients with the information needed to make strategic business decisions. Our visualization tools deliver easily digestible data for all users.


It’s what we’re all about. Investing in strategic tools to help grow your business is the first step to success. But seeing proof that your efforts are paying off is what counts. Regardless of what your measurement of success is, we help you get the data to transform your business. Let us prove our results.

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