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Promote Sleep Services Around Daylight Savings

Posted February 13, 2017

Patientology™ application and our Neurology – Sleep Disorders Tea Select. All you need to do is identify your geography.

Promoting sleep services via our One Platform™ is a simple, cost-effective way to reach current patients and prospects in your market that may be experiencing sleep issues. According to StatisticBrain.com, 40 million people in the U.S. have a chronic sleep disorder, and 70 million suffer from insomnia – often amplified by time changes.

Direct mail and email campaigns executed via our platform offer you the ability to connect with these sleep-deprived individuals in your service area to promote your services. When executing your campaigns, ensure your calls-to-action are easy to understand and even easier to follow. Include CTAs on your pieces that direct recipients to a website, HRA or call center to schedule appointments, or even to the patient portal to direct book. Consider utilizing click-to-call numbers for email creative as well as your online appointment scheduler for screenings.

Based on the traffic we see on our flagship website, EverydayHealth.com, the majority of visitors searching about sleep issues are interested in information about sleep apnea and how chronic pain affects sleep. Perhaps including these topics in your digital and print communications will deliver the messages most relevant to your audience and garner stronger response rates.

Contact us for information on how to build awareness about your sleep services and further engage your target audience. We can guide you in the most effective ways to gain ROI.