With healthcare reform and new challenges presented by a value-based payment model, providers will need to embrace new ways of doing business. Patientology™ helps providers gather insight from and better understand their consumers to effectively deliver the right strategies and improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, outcomes and – most important – business results.

Knowing who your patients are – and who they are not – is a critical component of strategic planning. Patientology™ gives you total information awareness about your patients and potential patients so you can understand the dynamics of populations with the click of a mouse.

Welltok brings more information to the table than anyone in the industry, helping healthcare organizations make better and more profitable decisions than their competitors. We are MUCH more than a traditional CRM system. Our GIS (geographic information system) interface provides easy and immediate access to integrated data sets – helping users view, understand, query, interpret and visualize information.

By leveraging proprietary data, marketplace analytics, targeted and personalized content, and message delivery through any communication channel, we can help you consistently and more intelligently drive strategic growth. But, access to this data is only the first step. The real key is knowing how to use that data to impact behavior and see real results.

Answers to all your burning questions

Relying on outdated information from non-integrated, disparate solutions is yesterday’s way of doing business. Today, healthcare providers need to be able to find answers to their most important questions to effectively deliver the right strategies. It’s the difference between laser-targeting your message and taking a shot in the dark!

  •  Who are our best customers?

  • How do we make sure our best customer stays with us? 

  • How do we connect one-on-one with our customers?

  • How do we improve margins if we can’t cut costs any more?

  • How can we turn strategy into tactics with measurable results?

Total information awareness about your patients and potential patients

GIS mapping helps you visualize where patients live to better understand where to place care settings.

Product usage examples

  • Measure everything while finding profitable sources of revenue to help meet your mission
  • Find consumers with the income and lifestyle profiles that want and need high-value retail procedures
  • Increase your profitable market share by targeting communications to the right consumers based on ability to pay
  • Easily find and foster relationships with non-patient consumers who ’look like‘ your best patients
  • Use GIS to find prime consumer candidates that can fill up your primary care practices faster
  • Empower your employer liaisons to find optimal employers based on proximity to care settings

Extend care beyond the provider for better results

  • Set up automated, trigger-based communication reminders for preventive care, disease management and follow up care
  • Use predictive analytics to identify and engage with at-risk consumers via communications that encourage them to take a proactive role in their health via screenings and other early interventions

Drive consumers to the appropriate care settings to avoid unnecessary costs

  • Automatically sweep the data to identify consumers who inappropriately use the ED and motivate them to use other care settings
  • Use GIS to “hotspot” – find areas of health utilization outliers and identify levels of appropriate engagement through micro-segmenting consumers by risk, education level, family makeup, etc.
  • Create an ongoing dialogue with patients via an automated framework of appropriate after-care messaging – thank you’s, appointment reminders, customized education, invitations for feedback, etc.
  • Encourage consumers to get more involved in their care via customized annual screening and immunization reminders, health risk appraisals, etc.

Meet the challenges of value-based care

  • Help exceed ACO quality performance measures by automating communications around preventative health and at-risk population management initiatives
  • Meet Meaningful Use objectives around providing patient-specific education resources as a follow up to office visits or discharges and generate reports on the same
  • Automate the delivery of summary of care reports to non-owned primary care physicians and specialists

Marketing automation

  • Easily create personalized digital and print messaging using custom branding and imagery
  • Web2Anything™ offers multiple ways to automate communication
  • Email, banner ads, social media, direct mail, IVR calling and more
  • We make it easy with a click of a button
  • Multiple channel delivery via one interface