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Posted June 27, 2017

Palomar Health, a healthcare organization located in North San Diego County, California, needed a unique strategy to acquire new patients. The marketing team decided to execute a campaign around the annual Open Enrollment time period that would promote their services and encourage prospects to select doctors in the Palomar Health network.

The team at Palomar Health turned to their partners at Tea Leaves Health to help execute the campaign and make their strategy a reality. They targeted the friends and family person type only – so individuals who weren’t considered patients of the organization, but had some sort of touch point with it – they attended a class, filled out a web form, were a spouse of a patient, etc.

Palomar Health used the Patientology™ application to hone in on a select audience, and sent a total of 44,850 direct mail pieces out to friends and family of the organization. They utilized digital variable printing to send three different versions of the campaign with a variety of photos resembling each of the following age ranges: under 35, 35-54 and over 55. 3,140 people received both direct mail and email with attractive creative and messaging that highlighted Palomar Health’s expertise, its outstanding local hospitals and high-quality, expert care. The call-to-action urged recipients to visit a website or call a phone number to choose a Palomar Health network physician.

As a result of the campaign, Palomar Health is experiencing acquisition results above and beyond expectations:

  • Acquired 14,485 net new patients in 6 months
  • 32% response rate
  • Total revenue to date: $21M
  • Average charge per person: $19K



Palomar Health

North San Diego County – Escondido & Poway, CA

Download a copy of the Palomar Health Open Enrollment case study here.