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Key Takeaways from the 2018 Client Summit

Posted July 30, 2018

Over a fast-and-furious 28 hours, we came, we shared ideas and we conquered the city of Chicago. On July 19 and 20 Tea Leaves Health clients and subject matter experts met at the Hotel Chicago to network, learn from each other, and in true Tea Leaves fashion, have a lot of fun. If you were there, I’m sure you’re already looking back on the week with fond memories (and wishing you had more of that Eataly mozzarella). But if you weren’t able to attend, we thought we’d recap the top takeaways from the Second City (oh and from some of the sessions too):

  1. Analyzing the data is the first step to the solution.

Healthcare marketing is all about the data. The first step to building a solid marketing plan is to dig deep into your existing data and use it to drive your marketing efforts. Having a keen understanding of your current market position, your audience and what makes you different will allow you to make strategic decisions based on substantiated insights.


  1. Personalization is here, and it’s powerful.

Consumers are moved to act when a message resonates with them. And that means those of us in the healthcare marketing space need to take a nod from our friends in retail and take a more aggressive consumer brand approach. Be bold. Stand out. But most importantly, talk to the consumer, not at them. Personalization is the key to profitable growth.


  1. Strive to treat marketing healthcare like healthcare.

Diagnose the challenge, determine the treatment (solution) and apply that treatment to achieve the desired outcome.


  1. Impressions are NOT results. Visits are results.

Knowing the number of impressions your campaign got is a great way to…well…who knows? The true measure of success is the number of visits your campaign generates. If you can execute a campaign and track the results right down to the number of visits that occurred and how much revenue and market share those visits helped your organization gain – then you’ve reached the holy grail. (We can help you do this).


  1. Physician engagement must be strategic and intentional.

Melinda Bemis from CentraCare Health reinforced the long-time physician engagement message, “You can’t change referral patterns just by buying a practice”. There’s so much more to it than that. You need to also dig into the data on your physicians to know where they are referring and why they are referring there, and then build a strategy to keep those physicians from referring outside of your system. Meanwhile, you have to look beyond just the physicians – you don’t always know where the volume is coming from. Tools like Decisionology can help determine that.


  1. It’s also all about consumerism.

According to KaufmanHall, 66 percent of healthcare leaders say consumerism is a strategic priority, but only 23 percent say they have the insights to implement such a strategy. Organizational alignment, foundational information about consumers and competition, analytical capabilities, and a sound data infrastructure will all help push your organization forward.


  1. Content is the currency of modern marketers.

Content marketing is important because your audience wants great content. And the key to creating effective content that helps you connect with your audience is focusing on topics that are relevant to their needs, interests and challenges. And where do you learn more about their needs, interests and challenges? Refer to takeaway #1. It’s all about the data!

Contact us to learn more about how the Tea Leaves Health platform can help your organization tackle each of these items and grow strategically.