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Impact of Physician Liaisons on Provider Onboarding

Posted February 26, 2018

For most organizations hiring new physicians, going from search initiation to signed offer can take months. It requires weeding through dozens of candidates in countless hours of interviews. In many cases, it costs the hospital or health system tens of thousands of dollars. Once hired, the new recruit will spend several weeks getting up-to-speed.

What if your organization could accelerate this process, while still setting the new employee up for success? Wouldn’t your stakeholders want to save the time and money?

Enter you – the Physician Liaison. Bringing your expertise into the process early can have an extremely positive impact on new physicians’ long-term engagement with an organization. You can be there to assist with onboarding, workload ramp-up, and overall retention. You can help them build internal relationships and quickly propel them to become more visible within the organization.

If you’re a physician liaison for a healthcare institution of any kind, there are many best practices you can follow as you work to prove your value by setting these physicians up for success. During your first encounter, focus on the physician and learn as much about them as you can, while sharing a little about you:

  1. Build a rapport. The first time you meet the new physician, make a point to get to know them personally. Ask about their backgrounds, families, hobbies outside of work, etc. Developing a relationship with the provider up front will get you a long way.
  2. Learn preferences. Determine their preferred means of communication. How do they like to send and receive correspondence? Via email? Phone? Text? Also find out what social channels they are familiar with and comfortable using.
  3. Discuss goals. Find out what their specific goals are, including how many new patients they’d ideally like to acquire.
  4. Share your approach. This is your elevator pitch to summarize your value to them. Let them know how you’ll help their practice, the primary things you do to build a referral base, and ask them how your approach can combine with their work style to maximize efficiency. Explain how you can work together to achieve sustainable growth and meet goals. Make sure you practice this spiel – and keep it short.
  5. Introduce them to their market. Share what other providers you recommend they align with. Discuss nearby hospitals and competitors. And also make them aware of the underserved areas in their community – where they have the most opportunity to bring in new patients.
  6. Cover next steps. Set a date for your next visit, and expectations for the frequency of visits moving forward. From there you can schedule subsequent visits, presentations, and introductory meetings with other individuals in the organization – so others know this new hire is available to send referrals to.

Following these six steps will provide you a sure-fire way to not only build a referral base for your new physician, but to also elevate the visibility of your work within your organization. Contact our experts if you have questions or would like to discuss these strategies further.