Decisionology™ from Tea Leaves Health is an enterprise-level healthcare business development and market intelligence solution. The product provides a “strategic command center” where senior executives and business analysts can get a 360-degree view of current growth initiatives, trajectories and opportunities. It is designed to deliver an integrated view of strategic marketing and physician outreach activities, client encounter data and patient characteristics, and market intelligence and prospecting information.

Decisionology™ is delivered as a “Software as a Service” (“SaaS”) web application and provides a rich business intelligence user interface including drag-and-drop query capabilities, powerful visualization features, temporal analytics, mapping/geocoding and much more.

Decisionology™ is the turbocharger of the Tea Leaves Health strategic growth platform, giving you a competitive advantage through the following features:

  • GIS (Geographic Information System) Visualization. Unlike our competitors, our map is our query engine. Most vendors say they have mapping, but it’s an afterthought – typically a bolted-on static map generator. Our GIS-driven query engine lets you see and interact with results in real time. And instead of static maps, our output is transactional, producing optimized lists of the high-value consumers and physicians that directly feed your marketing and physician sales initiatives.
  • Service Line 360™. Our fully integrated platform lets you triangulate on consumer, physician and contextual data simultaneously so you can see how all the dots connect. Service Line 360 provides easy-button access to full-spectrum views. Instantly see what you can grow, where you can grow, and which providers can help you grow.
  • Data Alchemy™. Decisionology’s Data Alchemy feature delivers a new breed of business intelligence (BI), helping you find the nuggets in all the noise via:
    • Interactive data visualizations and temporal analytics
    • Virtual data warehouse capabilities and BI tools
    • Power-user functionality to build and integrate custom data and predictive models
    • “App store” access to innovative data solutions from Tea Leaves Health’s strategic partners, such as Comparion Medical Analytics.
  • A Robust Roadmap. We’ve only begun to dream up new ways of delivering answers rather than the “data regurgitation” you’re used to seeing. Stay tuned for even more innovative and powerful data toys, coming soon!


Decisionology™ provides access to and integration of a number of rich data sources, separated into product modules below for organizational purposes. Tea Leaves Health’s standard data management services are also provided, including proprietary batch processing methods for data cleansing, matching, house-holding, and integration of information from these disparate data sources.


An integrated client encounter data warehouse, including all client patient data sources available in Tea Leaves Health’s Patientology™ (CRM) and Physicianology™ (PRM) products

Tea Leaves Health’s proprietary master patient/person index, which links a person to all associated encounters across all client patient data sources

All clinical codes associated with patient encounter data, including DRG, diagnosis, procedure, CPT and service line assignments.


Feature person records with all available demographic appends included in Patientology™ for all person types – patients, friends and family, and prospects – including both standard demographics (income, children, etc.) and advanced options (self-reported health conditions, prescriptions, etc.). Patientology™ and Physicianology™ campaign, touch point, physician liaison activity and related data sources are also included.

All available proprietary propensity models included in Patientology™, including disease models, profitable payer models Health Market Science (HMS) data assets that include healthcare practitioners, (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs), and their affiliations, and the largest medical claims warehouse in the industry are also found in the Decisionology™ solution.


Total information awareness about your patients and potential patients to deeply understand the dynamics of your market.

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The only physician tool that integrates comprehensive physician market and utilization data, contact management and communication tools.

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Developed specifically for children’s hospitals, gives you total information awareness about your current and potential pediatric patients

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